Interac Flash


Interac Flash®

Whether it’s a quick trip to the grocery store or your morning cup of coffee, Interac Flash® offers a fast, convenient, and safe way to use your credit union debit card to tap and pay for everyday purchases up to $250 – no PIN required.

How it works
  •  Look for the Interac Flash® logo or contactless symbol when making a debit purchase 

  •  Hold your card within 4cm of the front of the debit terminal 

  • Wait for a beep or approval message, letting you know your purchase is complete 
The amount of your purchase will be debited from your credit union account.
Benefits for you 
  • Fast and convenient - Tap and pay on purchases up to $250 (up to a combined 
maximum of $400) before needing to enter your PIN 

  • Secure - Purchases are backed by Interac’s Zero Liability Policy, meaning your 
transactions are protected
Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Interac Flash®? Check here for the answer. Don’t see your question? We’re here to help! Contact us for more information here.

What’s new with Interac Flash®? Expand/Collapse

To make it easier to make a wider range of purchases, tap limits are increasing. With the new limits you can now use your credit union debit card to make purchases up to $250, and up to a combined maximum of $400 without needing to enter your PIN.

How do I get access to the new limits? Expand/Collapse

Before you can tap and pay on purchases up to $250, you will need to make three consecutive debit transactions by inserting your chip and entering your PIN. These can be made at an ATM or POS terminal of your choice.

Is Interac Flash® secure? Expand/Collapse

Yes, Interac Flash® uses the latest chip technology and has unique secuirty features that protects each transaction. Payments made using Interac Flash® are covered under Interac's Zero Liability Policy which protects you from unauthorized use of your card.

Can I accidentally pay for something if I stand or hold my card too close to a POS terminal? Expand/Collapse

For Interac Flash® to work a POS terminal would need to be ready to receive a debit transaction and your card would need to be within 4 centimeters of the front of the machine. So, while it's good to be aware of where your credit union debit card is, it's very unlikely you could make an accidental payment.

Can the information on my card be stolen, even if my debit card is in my wallet or my purse? Expand/Collapse

No. Your credit union debit card has security features built into the chip to prevent fraudulent activity like skimming and counterfeiting.