About Us

Our Mission Statement

The Mission Statement for New Waterford Credit Union was developed from our values, and reads as follows:

"As a member owned financial institution, New Waterford Credit Union is committed to providing a wide range of competitive, quality products and services with integrity and professionalism. We are dedicated to the betterment of our members, our community, our staff and volunteers."

Our Values

  • Equity Among Members
  • Competitiveness
  • Community Involvement
  • Quality in Products and Services
  • Convenience for Members
  • Successful
  • Service as appropriate
  • Fair and Honest in Dealing
  • Community Owned

Co-operative Principles

Our values are based upon 7 co-operative principles which act as the base on which all co-operative organizations are built. They are as follows:
  1. Voluntary and open membership
  2. Democratic member control
  3. Member economic participation – at credit unions, members have equitable, democratic control of their capital
  4. Autonomy and independence – credit unions are independent organizations owned by members
  5. Education, training and information to stakeholders
  6. Co-operation among co-operatives – credit unions works together locally, regionally, nationally and internationally
  7. Concern for community – credit unions work for sustainable development of their communities.